image: SPORT AUTO 24 HOURS NSX - R with MOVIT BRAKES  Hallo Herr Frensemeyer,

ein großes Kompliment für die fabelhafte Unterstützung unseres 24h-Projektes! Wir haben die Zusammenarbeit mit Movit wirklich genossen!

Deshalb: Ein großes Dankeschön an Sie und Ihre Mannschaft für den tollen Job....

Viele Grüße

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Ferarri 308

Steve is active in a couple online communities of enthusiasts where had taken great interest in what we were trying to do with the 308. Unfortunately, everything we had done by "reputable" Ferrari houses had major problems (I won't even go into the intake manifold mods right now) so he had to recommend against every mod we did. I've installed Mustang stuff that fits better and comes with better documentation. I'm disgusted by the quality of work coming out of these high-end suppliers.> >I still think the Movit brakes are the best package out there in both quality and performance. Steve and I would still consider a set of front and rear brakes if Movit ever decides to design kits for the 308. We could always sell the stuff I'm building now. I'm done venting now.


endlich hatte ich Gelegenheit, Deine Bremse in unserem Langholztransporter einem echten Belastungstest zu unterziehen. Mit satt beladener Karre, wenn auch nicht am Anschlag, bin ich im Regen einen Alpenpass runtergebretzelt. Musste sein, weil mir sonst einige unserer Kunden "erfroren" wären, aber mit der Serienbremse wäre das schlicht unmöglich gewesen. Test bestanden: Kein Fading, keine gerissene oder deformierte Scheibe, bislang auch keine Risse an den Bohrungen der Bremsscheibe. Die Bohrungen in der Scheibe sind auch nach wie vor offen.

Beim normalen Bremsen merkt man kaum einen Unterschied zur Serienbremse, doch wenn man ordentlich aufs Pedal tritt, kommt bei der Serienbremse nicht mehr viel, so dass es einem schon mal Angst und Bange werden kann. Mit der Mov'it hat man dann hingegen das Gefühl, die Hinterräder heben vom Boden ab.


Hello Guido, my English is better then my written German and I will spare you the Portuguese ; I ran the brakes in, and the difference is absolutely staggering! The brake

pedal has a much more solid feel to it, more progressive too. The braking power is obviously tremenduous and can't be compared to the "regular" setup. After having driven my car now for about 600 km in two days, I can only tell any Viper fan, to look you up and pay you a visit. As your friend Eduardo would say "E a melhor compra que eu fiz na minha vida!" Or something like that. Say hi to your girlfriend. My details as promised:

Gerard Lopez

Managing Partner Mangrove Capital Partners

L-1331 Luxembourg


I have now the movit brake in my M5 since 09/98.This brake stopps well indeed.

It is fascinating to realize, how the brake stopps always better the hotter it gets when braking from 280 kph to 110 kph. In comparision to that the stock compound brake is horrible. Combined now with the Porsche brake on the rear axle, I have to say:No way back! The car stays absolutly calm and when the rear brake gets warm I can feel how the back of the car is pressed to the ground.In the daily traffic I feel much more relaxed because so many dangerous problems do no more bother me - like trucks suddenly overtaking.


The brakes do a great job of keeping the heat down. I ran about 20 straight hot laps at SIR last week and after one cool down lap the brakes were very reasonable in comparison with my old stock setup. One telling factor is that I have tracked with these 3 days (1.5 damp and 1.5 dry days) and the pads still have about 70% left to them which I figure is due to reduced operating temperature. There was no grooving or cracking. I was out breaking almost all cars on the track including a few C5?s. No fade problems at all. They are also very predictable. Even under some very hard threshold breaking I never locked a single tire up once. With a Viper that can be difficult to say after a long day. They stop extremely well. On the track I'm using Pagid Orange and am not super happy with them. The stock street pads are great I have no doubt that the stopping distance has been reduced considerably. The Pagid orange are the loudest pads on the track without a doubt and were distracting cars in front of me. They don?t seem as aggressive as some other pads I?ve used. I?ll probably experiment with some Performance Frictions or Porterfields R4?s for the track.

Thanks for all your help, this has been fun.


Had to quickly send out a note saying that the awesome Movit brakes are finally on my car - at least the front ones, anyway. I took it to a local BMW tuner that is licensed to sell Dinan products. Six hours later I had the latest Dinan software download for the (the actual download took all of 5 minutes) and the Porsche Big Reds up front. By the by, I took great consolation noting that their ace mechanic couldn't get off the stripped 11mm nut that I hosed. And he gave it quite a try with all his millions of Snap On tools. We resorted to a cutting wheel and then re-bent the new metal line that I had ordered from Germany. Thankfully, the driver's side nut came off without a problem although the mechanic did tell me that it was on there tightly. No problem with hub runout as we checked both sides. No shimmying or vibration although I've not done any tough braking for obvious reasons. The H&R spacers were the perfect size for me to keep those cool looking OEM rims. Finally, the owner of this placed called AutoScope ( was VERY impressed with the Movit kit. The owner (Nerces Mavelian) has DSL Internet access at his shop and he bookmarked and Movit's web page. Steve, believe he might be wanting to place a multi-kit order at some point for local guys who track their M3 cars. Keep this guy's name and web page address!! Thanks to you both for all the assistance,

DWP - A happy customer


355 GTS

Lieber Herr Frensemeyer, letztes Jahre habe ich mir einen Ferrari gekauft. Mit diesem Wagen war ich einige Male in Monza und auf anderen Rennstrecken. Schon beim ersten Mal in Monza sind mir nach einigen Runden die Serienbremsen so in die Knie gegangen, dass ich in der erste Schikane nur mit viel Glück nicht rausgeflogen bin. Nach einem Tag Monza, und einem weiteren Tag in Fiorano waren die auch die Bremsbeläge vollständig abgenutzt. In diesem Frühjahr bin ich per Zufall im Internet auf Ihrer Homepage gelandet. Ich habe mir die Bilder angesehen und zu mir gesagt: Das ist es! Darauf hin liess ich meinen Wagen auf MOV' IT Bremsen umrüsten. Letzte Woche war ich wiederum in Monza. Was für ein Unterschied! Endlich musste ich keine Angst mehr vor einem Bremsversagen haben. Die Bremsen sind ein Gedicht. Sie packen kräftig zu, und lassen sich auch beim Zusammenbremsen von hohen Geschwindigkeiten (>240 km/h) optimal dosieren. Selbst nach einem privaten 100km-Rennen in Monza blieben die Bremsen standfest und ich konnte in den letzten Runden problemlos die selben Zeiten fahren wie am Anfang. Was für ein Unterschied! Und an den Bremsbelägen ist fast keine Abnutzung auszumachen.
Verschiedene Kollegen die den F355 bestens kennen haben meinen Wagen ebenfalls ausprobiert und waren vom Bremsverhalten voll begeistert. Das Geld für diese Bremsanlage ist sehr gut angelegtes Geld. "Wer bremst verliert." So ein Quatsch! Wer nicht mehr bremsen kann verliert, vielleicht mehr als Ihm lieb ist. Ich möchte ihnen zu Ihrer Arbeit herzlich gratulieren, und für diese Entwicklung danken. Jetzt habe ich den besten Sportwagen den es gibt. Zum schnell fahren ein Ferrari, zum schnell bremsen einen Porsche. Was will man mehr? mit freundlichen Grüssen

Christoph Eggerschwiler

AUDI S4 Big red - pagid green install and one day at the track . Posted by Adam T on 2000-07-15 16:17:50:Install was not hard - didn't need to use the shims and the calipers have more wheel clearance than the stock calipers. The rotors are not taller than stock, but much beefier. Swapped the super blue for motul 600. I initially installed pagid greens, then I swapped to the Porsche oem pads this morning. Once the wheels are off this takes 2-3 minutes. The pagids didn't squeal as much as I thought they would. I drove a total of 700 miles and 1 track day on them. I wouldn't use these pads for everyday use, but they did well for me on the highway. Driving home from Summit, it poured rain. On the highway, people were driving 40mph - not me. I tested the brakes in the downpour and the greens did very well. I took a midnight drive the night I installed the brakes to bed the pads. Did wot in 3rd then braked firmly from 75 to 40 for about 2 miles. I could put my hand on the calipers and the rotors were barely warm. So I turned around and did the same on the way home - and the rotors did warm up a little, but that's about it. On the track the pads heated to operating temps quickly. The pads stopped very well and, after removal, did not show sign of much abuse. The calipers were very consistent, and really made a difference. I usually use the 4th paint strip to brake for turn one (125mph to 30mph) at Summit, but now I can begin braking between strip 2 and 3. Braking overall was very gratifying on the track. I am going to delete brake-fade from my vocabulary. Three different instructors commented on how much braking power the car had. After each run I inspected the brakes. The stock brakes get crazy hot on the track - you can feel the heat radiating from them from a couple feet away. The reds were not near as hot as the stock setup. Had many compliments on the brakes in the paddock and several people stopped to look. The rotors showed little signs of abuse except for brake dust. I can see slight scoring on the rotor, but can not feel them when I run a screwdriver across it. They are overkill for anyone who does not drive over 70mph. Note: my 16" Borbet R fit the the stock calipers fine. With the reds on, the top of the caliper touches the inside of the wheel rim. Bummed. So the reds are narrower but taller than the stock calipers.
Adam T. '00 Cactus S4

Betreff: Sehr geehrter Herr Frensemeyer
Ich nahm am Frühjahreskurs der Scuderia Hanseat am Nürburgring teil. Die Bremsen haben sich bestens bewährt, das Rubbeln war kaum mehr wahrnehmbar und wenn, dann nur wieder in einem schmalen Geschw. bereich zwischen 80 und120. Während den Runden nahm ich es auf jeden Fall nicht mehr war, lediglichmanchmal am Start, wenn die vorher stark erhitzten Scheiben wieder kalt
waren. Die Bremswirkung ist phantastisch und liess den Experten, welcher in der schnellen langen Linkskurve nach dem Schwedenkreuz und vor der scharfen Rechtskurve postiert war, zu überschäumenden Bemerkungen hinreissen. Von aussen betrachtet sei es unglaublich anzusehen wie ein so schweres Auto zusammengebremst werden könne! Ende gut, alles gut.Herzlichst,

Ihr Jürg Müller

HONDA NSX Hi, well what can I say. These things are just perfect, there may be better brakes but I can't understand what they could do to be better. Guido gave me exactly the same setup as you and I love it, 2 days at the ring and they were the exactly same at the start of lap one as the end of lap two (I only ever do 2 back to back laps at the ring). For the first time ever I can now feel the track surface as I brake hard. Thank you for recommending them as maybe without your input the doubts in the US would have caused me to go the Brembo or AP route. Again many thanks CHRIS

"Hi Guido -I'm not sure whether you've heard from Ed Simmons regarding my MOV' IT brakes. I did finally get them installed during the 4th of July weekend .After getting the instructions from Ed (the ones you gave him,) things made a *lot* more sense. It still took my quite a while to get everything installed, but it's done and I'm *ecstatic* with the kit! I took the car off to the local road course the other day to test these monsters out. I had a rock-solid brake pedal ALL DAY LONG! No fading, no overheating (I think,) and certainly no warpage. In fact, it almost felt like I was going to stand the car right up on its front tires because of the stopping force. Absolutely unbelievable.So, thank you very much for developing this kit. The C5 definitely needs it, no doubt. I'm just curious: have you made any progress at all with the rear brakes?

jas--" Jason Van Patten


erstmal muss ich sagen, dass wir von der Bremse ABSOLUT begeistert sind!!!!! Die ist einfach SUUUPER!!!! Wir werden nach unserer ersten Erfahrung auf der Rennstrecke auf allen Bulletin Boards unsere Meinung posten.

Mio und Richi - die Subaru Raketen!!!!!!!


I like to ordre new brake disk and pads to the kit on my .CAMARO

I have done 85.000 km with the kit and its work is brillant. The best you bay for money best regards

Brian Junker 8240 Risskov


Hi Guido,Just wanted to drop you an email to thank you again - replacing the front brakes on my Subaru Impreza turbo with your Movit kit is the single most effective modification I've made to the car! I'd previously changed the discs, pads and hoses with other manufacturers equipment but was never happy with the pedal feel - it wasn't very progressive and lacked bite. In addition, anytime I was on track I had to constantly 'nurse' the brakes and even hard road use was

likely to produce brake fade. The brakes were the weakest link and not very dependable or confidence inspiring Since fitting the Movit brakes it's all changed! I now don't worry about my brakes, I *know* that they're there when I need them and will do what I ask of them. I am very satisfied, and very happy! An added bonus is the modulation I can now apply to the pedal - the smallest pedal movement has an effect, regardless of whether they're cold or warm. All in all a fantastic product - many thanks for developing it....and put me on the list of those who want the rear kit when it's available!

Cheers Richard



Having owned and driven all sorts of sports cars, including race cars, I tend to be a strong advocate of efficient brakes rather than just horsepower. My initial dissapointment with the factory brakes on the Maranello 550 was high, as I do expect such a car to have adequate brakes for its level of performance. The new setup from Movit on my Maranello is not just adequate, but it surpasses my expectations for any road car, and while retaining a high comfort and low noise level, it actually brings the 550 very close to the braking capabilities of a pure race car - which is unheard of! Thus thanks and congratulations for this perfect setup.



yo!! Well Done!!!

I got the kit today, I am so exciting that the kit is more great than the one on my S3 and GOLF GTI. Wow, its wonderful , the paint the caliper, and I notice that Guido bring me the pad with the noise-defence pad and I will install it tomorrow, cant wait!!! I will send u the good pic to u after I done!!! And I send u some when I get the kit. Wish u like it. And this time we all do the great job and as we said last time, keep the relationship for a life time. Thanks , please thank Guido for me

Sunny Chiou

BMW ZM3 Dear Vera

The Installation vendt very smoot, thanks to a very nice person on your customer service number, I hav just run them in a report will follow whyen I have done 500 km

I am enclosing some pictures.

Per Ericson gave me a very good offer on rear brakes to the same car, I want those also with built in spacers 10 mm, can you give me an offer


AUDI RS4 Von: Gordon Campbell []

Gesendet: Donnerstag, 2. Dezember 2004 22:15

An: Guido Frensemeyer (mov'it gmbh)

With thanks Moviut the ultimate for me.

This is a reply to interest in your product. Please use it as you wish. Gordon Campbell.

Sorry I missed out on getting to know you on the recent trip to Spa and the Ring . The brakes have settled to perfection. Last night was the first night I actually got to see them fully settled. 3k MILES.

Firstly the new system is very different to the old Movit 4's all round, in many respects. Disks are more dense / harder wearing and conductive to heat. They are redesigned and the latest in the Movit Tech development. The front callipers are monstrous and exceptionally powerful. If you wish you can have abs kick in straight away at any speed. I'm certain there are other exceptionally expensive, well designed breaks that can do the same no doubt. but these MOVIT's are in the top class bracket. They look unreal on the car_which I know is a pose element but the car has an acquired pose value any way. It is now extenuated.

The pads are in the region of 40% bigger than the previous option for the front.The weight of the new system is notably less that that of the standard rs4 garbage.

I don't mean to be critical towards the standard stuff as it is suffice for a normal driver keeping within the law and normal road use but if you are not always in that mode the standard stuff is made to a budget and it is clearly apparent when you go for it. I am advised the best of the best in race fluid should be used with theses breaks. I fell in terms of armature / professional tracking ,you will never find the limits of the comfort pads during hard driving on the roads and on the track. This is the kind of report you want to hear about the breaks. But I truly believe it to be the case. I have not tracked the car since the upgrade, but I am certain confident if the Dodge viper taxi can do many years of constant Ring driving.

( round the world dozens of times on the old 6 pot system , FULL ON with the paying public on board) You should have no complaints. Even when Movit ring them to say come and get the latest they haven't rushed over to pick them up. The new 6 pot system is billet which means it is machined from a solid piece of ali. This is considered the ultimate strength and light weight compound suited to the big callipers and as its all made from one solid piece it is exceptionally rigid at excessive temps.

Having visited the sight and viewed the on site manufacture. The plant is visibly impressive and the company service and treatment was nothing but red carpet and courtesy. Free hire car was provided for us, awesome hotel and hospitality, Beautiful country location.

I understand Dave and I were pioneers in the UK for this product and thank Movit for allowing us to partake in this "RS4 - Movit 6" project. The process of settling in has taken quite some time and effort but this was clearly advised by the manufacture at the outset. I am aware that on occasion a disk can have imperfections as they are cast and the metal may still have some curing to endure . On this basis any teething issues are dealt with within the utmost professional behaviours and urgency. Without a doubt my car was never put in such reliable and safe a position as when Movit took over.

Race pads are available they will erode your disks in a sharper fashion. This is a personal choice whether to use or not. If you want the best get the whole Movit job done. The extra break calliper on the rear for the hand break is bigger than the entire standard stock rear calliper . That speaks a volume on the effort this company go to make world class stoppers.

If you have a big Hummer and you want to pimp your ride something like 26" wheels ,you then may want to fill the Back round with Disks.Movit will do the Job and use those same callipers to stop many many tones .Armour plated limos etc The new Movit 6's are the product. Just some of the useless info I picked up on the way.


BMW E 36 M3

Van: Danny []
Verzonden: zaterdag 24 maart 2007 23:19
Aan: 'Dick Hoekendijk'
Onderwerp: stukje tekst

Finally I found the brakes my car needed. I have tried so many different pads and disc’s that I wanted brakes that could handle the job. I was on the Nurburgring and I met a guy called Dick Hoekendijk. He gave me advise and told me his experience about the Mov’it Brakes without any pressure to sell. When I came home, I wrote an email to Dick with all kind of questions about a Mov’it set for my car. His response was quick and understandable. After two weeks email traffic I ordered my Mov’it set the 342 x34. I have driven more than 175 rounds Nurburgring in one year and I did sessions of 4 a 5 rounds without any problems! I must say on of the best investments on my car and that with the best service of Dick Hoekendijk for Mov’it in The Netherlands.

Subaru Impreza

Hallo, Dick, ich darf Dir über meine Erfahrungen mit der neuen Mov’it ergänzend erzählen. Grund der Umrüstung war, dass die auf meinem Subaru WRX STI verwendete Bremse nicht tauglich ist. Beim Fahren auf dem Nürburgring ist es relativ schnell zu Fading-Erscheinungen gekommen mit einer deutlichen Reduzierung der Bremsleistung. Der zweite Grund ist, da das Auto nicht täglich bewegt wird, starkes Anrosten der Bremsscheiben, die nach intensivem Bremseneinsatz nicht wieder blank gerieben werden konnte. Mit den Arbeiten, die am Auto direkt in den Niederlanden bei Dir zuhause durchgeführt worden sind, war ich außerordentlich zufrieden. Die Arbeit macht einen hoch professionellen Eindruck. Nach zwei Monaten Erfahrung mit der Mov’it-Bremse bin ich mit diesem Bremssystem sehr zufrieden. Auch nach längerem Gebrauch auf der Nürburgring-Nordschleife sind keinerlei nachlassende Bremsleistungen vorhanden. Die Bremse spricht schnell, aber nicht aggressiv an. Gefühlsmäßig würde ich die Bremsleistung mit einem kürzlich gefahrenen, aktuellen Porsche 911-Modell vergleichen. Auch das Anrosten der Bremsscheibe ist nicht mehr vorhanden. Für den Einsatz auf der Nürburgring-Nordschleife werden Rennbremsbeläge gefahren. Im täglichen Betrieb haben sich die Komfortbeläge als sehr tauglich herausgestellt. Insgesamt hat sich die Umrüstung sehr positiv auf den Gesamteindruck des Autos ausgewirkt. Viele Grüße